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iPhone SE

5G smartphone sales up despite unavailability of networks

Indian consumers are increasingly adopting 5G smartphones even before rollout of the next-gen mobile broadband technology in the country. Research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), has estimated the share of 5G-enabled phones, out of total smartphone sales, will touch 20-25% this year. As Chinese smartphone brands, Oppo and Realme aggressively push their 5G portfolio in …

Offline Retail

Offline retail in smartphones set to rebound in 2021

Analysts are expecting the offline smartphone retail outlets to make a comeback in 2021. According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report published in December 2020, the online sales accounted for 51 percent of overall sales of smartphones in October, growing 53 percent year -on- year (YoY). The report had also noted that the offline …


Affordable premium smartphone sales soar

The affordable premium smartphone segment strengthened its dominance as smartphone sales hit a record in the third quarter amid a festive shopping spree. Phones priced below $200 (Rs 15,000) accounted for 84% of the 54.3 million smartphones sold in the July-September period – the highest share in 10 quarters – compared with 76% in the March …

Audio Quality

Better audio quality key for smartphone users

So, how important is audio quality for Indian smartphone users? A recent consumer insights study by market research firm Cyber Media Research (CMR) in association with Dolby threw up some interesting insights on how a superior audio experience like Dolby Atmos has become pivotal for users in selecting a new device or even the content they consume …


How Apple wants to capitalise on online education in India?

Working professionals may have embraced the work from home — albeit grudgingly — concept rather seamlessly and perhaps are now used to it. However, classes at home has got its own set of challenges. Be it teachers, students or parents — each have their share of unique challenges and tech companies have stepped up to …