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What Apple’s configure-to-order option means for Indians?

Buyers in India looking for a new Apple iMac desktop, MacBook laptops, and Mac Mini PCs can choose the configure-to-order option and customise the hardware configuration and get pre-loaded software based on their specific workload and requirements before buying them. Configure-to-order or build-to-order has existed in the Western markets like the US for some time …


Samsung faces tough but ‘doable’ challenge to rise to top in India handset market

It’s been a tough few years for Samsung in the India handset market, where it has struggled to keep pace with or beat back competition from Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. The first signs of vulnerability came when Samsung lost the smartphone crown to Xiaomi in the September quarter of 2017. In …


Netflix vs Others: The Quest for Dominating Indian Eyeballs

As a mobile-first nation, the India OTT market provides enough head room for growth. American as well as Chinese streaming players are looking to strike it big in India. While Netflix continues to invest heavily in Made-in-India for India programming, it is under pressure from the likes of Hotstar and others. So, how would the …


Average Indian spends over 1800 hours a year on their smartphone: study

With smartphones entering every facet of our lives, as new survey aimed to understand how mobile devices are altering lives and relationships of users found that 75 per cent of the respondents agreed to have owned a smartphone in their teens and of them, 41 per cent were hooked to phones even before graduating from …


Boxed in by complaints, TRAI to review broadcast tariff rules

India’s telecom regulator has begun a review of the broadcast tariff regime it implemented eight months ago to address complaints from viewers about higher bills and picking the channels they want to watch becoming more difficult. The review is aimed at easing channel choice and will possibly lead to lower bills, some experts said. The …


Facebook has no choice but to topple TikTok in India

Chasing 15 seconds of fame, millions of Indians are hooked to TikTok and the success of the Chinese short video-sharing app — despite controversies and calls for regulation — has forced major digital giants to incorporate short videos on their own platforms. TikTok is available in 150 markets, in 75 languages and has more than 700 million …


Nearly 40% smart speakers users in India lost interest after using it for a month: Survey

While smart speaker adoption in India is on the rise, some users stop using them just a month after purchase, says a survey by CyberMedia Research (CMR). After a month of getting a smart speaker at home, 40 per cent used it more often, while, almost 38 per cent lost interest and used it less, …