So, how important is audio quality for Indian smartphone users? A recent consumer insights study by market research firm Cyber Media Research (CMR) in association with Dolby threw up some interesting insights on how a superior audio experience like Dolby Atmos has become pivotal for users in selecting a new device or even the content they consume on it.

Audio Quality

Prabhu Ram, head of CMR’s Industry Intelligence Group, said the findings gave an understanding of how consumer sentiments around smartphone audio are evolving with the times. “There is increased awareness among users about Dolby Atmos and how it enhances audio quality for content experiences. With an upsurge in content consumption whether it is music, episodic content, gaming, or even UGC, consumers are now seeking infinitely better listening experiences, whenever and wherever they go and that’s where industry-leading innovations, such as Dolby are fulfilling consumer aspirations,” he explained in a release from CMR.

The study was conducted across six cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

The CMR study claimed Indians consider audio quality as one of the most important factors while selecting their smartphones — score of 66 out of 100. The report also suggests that smartphone users consume audio mostly through listening to music on popular audio OTT platforms (94%), and watching video – movies, OTT content, or user-generated content on social networks (96%).

Dolby Atmos is an audio technology that allows users to experience multi-dimensional sound that envelops around your ears with precision movement of subjects. It is now available on a vast range of smartphones across price points.

Source: Indian Express

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