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Hands-on with the Ray-Ban Stories  

The Ray-Ban Stories mark the first smart glasses that Meta has made in association with Ray-Ban. At first glance, the Ray-Ban Stories may seem like the familiar, old yet stylish Ray-Ban styles, including the Wayfarer, Round and Meteor. The first-generation Ray-Ban Stories are not AR-enabled. All the Stories glasses sport the iconic Ray-Ban design, albeit …

Clubhouse App

Can the Clubhouse App break through?

I have been on the Clubhouse App since late January, listening mostly to the daily, The Good Time Show, hosted by the husband-and-wife team of Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy. In particular, just like anyone out there, after much striving, I was able to dive-in into the record-breaking discussion involving Elon Musk and (the rather …


Why Twitter must have an ”edit” button, not copycat Fleets

Twitter is currently testing disappearing tweets feature Fleets in India and to be honest, the original Snapchat tool (called Stories) that has been copied by both Facebook (Stories) and WhatsApp (Status) may disturb the fabric of the micro-blogging platform. Twitter should not lose its distinct flavour as a fantastic roll-down platform, simple yet effective tool for …


Facebook has no choice but to topple TikTok in India

Chasing 15 seconds of fame, millions of Indians are hooked to TikTok and the success of the Chinese short video-sharing app — despite controversies and calls for regulation — has forced major digital giants to incorporate short videos on their own platforms. TikTok is available in 150 markets, in 75 languages and has more than 700 million …


Facebook restrictions to have little impact on Huawei: Experts

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, which is currently battling the trade ban imposed by the US, has also been cut off by Facebook to comply with the sanctions, but experts believe that the move by the social networking giant would not have worrying implications on the smartphone player. “Unlike Google, Facebook has taken a different approach …