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iPhone SE

5G smartphone sales up despite unavailability of networks

Indian consumers are increasingly adopting 5G smartphones even before rollout of the next-gen mobile broadband technology in the country. Research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), has estimated the share of 5G-enabled phones, out of total smartphone sales, will touch 20-25% this year. As Chinese smartphone brands, Oppo and Realme aggressively push their 5G portfolio in …


How LG lost the race in key India smartphone market

LG Electronics that was once the world’s third-largest handset maker and saw its feature phone business peaked some 10 years back, was never a serious contender in the fastest-growing India market, industry watchers reiterated on Monday. LG that has shut down its mobile business, has been striving to make a turnaround in its mobile business in …

Offline Retail

Offline retail in smartphones set to rebound in 2021

Analysts are expecting the offline smartphone retail outlets to make a comeback in 2021. According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report published in December 2020, the online sales accounted for 51 percent of overall sales of smartphones in October, growing 53 percent year -on- year (YoY). The report had also noted that the offline …


Realizing the 5G Consumer Future in India

As a truly vibrant mobile-first nation, Indians, across demographics, who have never used a desktop or a laptop, have been able to leapfrog to the digital world through smartphones and overcome their geographic and socio-economic barriers. Today’s smartphones are the conduit for consumers to enjoy an array of connected experiences. The timeline to the launch …


5G a key smartphone purchase decision for buyers

The lack of a clear roadmap for the launch of 5G services has not deterred Indian buyers from buying 5G enabled smartphones. In fact, 5G-readiness is one of the top three premium smartphone (above ₹25,000) purchase factors for consumers in India, says a new study by CyberMedia Research (CMR), a market research firm. Around 83% of the India …


On 25 Years of Samsung in India

The 1990s were seminal for India. India broke its shackles and moved ahead with liberalization. Overnight, India transformed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Consumers became more aware, more aspirational, and demanded quality and value. Encouraged by the Government’s liberal policy regime, players, such as Samsung came into India. Samsung recently completed 25 …