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Snapdragon 888 5G: Redefining Flagship Experiences

At its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit Digital 2020, Qualcomm today debuted its latest flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform, focused on enabling premium immersive smartphone experiences for consumers. Qualcomm Technologies’ innovation in the premium tier, coupled with the evolution of 5G, is accelerating and continuing to redefine immersive consumer experiences. Qualcomm Technologies builds foundational …


India’s smartphone market offering new opportunities to various companies

As consumer sentiment runs high amid growing chorus for boycotting Chinese goods in the country, the fluid situation in India’s smartphone market offers new opportunities for various smartphone makers, especially the non-Chinese ones like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Asus and others, to realign their strategies and regain the lost market share in the face of fierce …

Dual Screen Laptops

Dual screen notebooks set to make multi-tasking easier

Rahul Kumar, a senior software engineer at a Noida-based multinational company, is excited about using a dual screen notebook and plans to buy one when it comes to India. Kumar’s excitement is easy to understand for personal computer (PC) makers who want to make laptops desirable once again. And what better way to achieve that …


Why OnePlus, Realme, Asus and others have embraced mechanical cameras

There was a time when Android smartphone makers used to unabashedly copy the iPhone, often considered as the gold standard in smartphones. From shamelessly copying the design to stealing the signature features like the infamous notch, Android smartphones were simply iPhone knockoffs. But in recent months we have seen evidence of how Android smartphone makers …


Online smartphone sales to crash as new e-commerce regulations kick in

Smartphone sales through online platforms are likely to crash in the March quarter as the revised e-commerce rules came into effect on Feb 1, which restrict heavy discounting, along with several other practices. To limit the impact on overall sales, major handset companies are tying up with brick and mortar stores. The most hurt would …

Smartphones in 2019

2019 in Smartphones: What’s next?

2018 was an interesting year for smartphones in the India market, with a series of steady and even impressive, smartphones from all major brands, Chinese as well as Global. Across price bands, there were many smartphones vying for attention with their incredible design, craftsmanship and performance. More than ever before, smartphone innovation picked pace in …