There was a time when Android smartphone makers used to unabashedly copy the iPhone, often considered as the gold standard in smartphones. From shamelessly copying the design to stealing the signature features like the infamous notch, Android smartphones were simply iPhone knockoffs.

But in recent months we have seen evidence of how Android smartphone makers are coming out of the shadow of Apple. The notch seems to be disappearing from smartphones and a new generation of truly bezel-less devices have started to hit the market.

OnePlus, Realme and Asus this week launched smartphones phones that are completely bezel-less, headlined by unique mechanical cameras. Whether it is the OnePlus 7 Pro, Realme X or the Zenfone 6, these mainstream smartphones provide an example of an emerging trend that’s likely to become common in the coming months, as more phone makers start to sell devices with a mechanical camera and a display without the ugly notch.

“Just like the notch was the headlining design ethic for 2018, the mechanical cameras are the one for 2019,” explains Prabhu Ram, Head Industry Intelligence Group, CMR. “Across price tiers, we would see mechanical cameras getting pervasive as brands search for differentiators in a tough market.”

Source: Indian Express

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