Second-hand handset sellers expect panic selling of Huawei smartphones as the news of the withdrawal of Android support for the company’s new devices spreads, which is likely to lead to a sharp fall in their resale value as well.

Speaking to ET, OLX said as things stand, supply of Huawei smartphones on OLX is expected to reduce and the user demand to decrease.


“We expect some panic selling to take place as users will most likely sell their existing Huawei phones and switch to other brands,” a spokesperson from OLX, a leading online platform for buying and selling second-hand goods, told ET.

The ban will mean that gradually the supply of Huawei smartphones on OLX will reduce over time and the user demand for the same will decrease, the spokesperson added.

ET earlier reported that Huawei’s sales in India were expected to take a hit in coming days with the word spreading that Google services and support will not be available.

“It would be only some ‘aware and astute’ users, who would want to sell their Huawei devices early,” according to Prabhu Ram, head-IIG, CyberMedia Research. “Most other users would probably be oblivious about the ramifications of the Android ban, or would be fence-sitters,” he said.

Source: Economic Times

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