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Apple India reports 29% rise in revenue in FY20

Tech giant Apple clocked about 29% jump in its revenue in India at Rs 13,755.8 crore in FY2020, while its net profit witnessed manifold growth, documents sourced by business intelligence platform Tofler said. Apple India’s revenue stood at Rs 10,673.7 crore for the fiscal ended March 31, 2019. The iPhone maker recorded a net profit of Rs 926.2 …


How Apple wants to capitalise on online education in India?

Working professionals may have embraced the work from home — albeit grudgingly — concept rather seamlessly and perhaps are now used to it. However, classes at home has got its own set of challenges. Be it teachers, students or parents — each have their share of unique challenges and tech companies have stepped up to …


The Apple Conundrum: From ‘Moonshots’ to ‘Me-Too’?

As a company that has been globally recognized for its excellence in innovation and product engineering, Apple has had a gold run with its trailblazing iPhones, and other category defining products. Think iPad, Apple Watch or the Macs. Each successive generation of iPhones has helped Apple grow, on the back of increasing consumer appetite. The …