In 2019, with iOS 13, Apple focused on privacy, and made sure that users were aware of the apps wanting to access their Bluetooth or location services with ease. The ‘sign in with Apple’ facilitated Apple users to sign in to apps and services with one tap, and sharing their private or sensitive information. And with the new iOS 14, Apple is taking its privacy focus stronger, making it difficult for third-party apps to track users, without their consent.

Apple Privacy

You might think the debate about data privacy a bit exaggerated. The truth is – your data is valuable, which is being used for business intelligence, designing advertisement profiles, influencing behaviour, targeted ads, amongst many other things. Believing privacy to be a fundamental human right,  Cupertino Giant Apple is rolling out some new privacy features to safeguard user data.

The company has been constantly working towards protecting user privacy while giving them control over their information. These privacy features are guided around four key principles – data minimisation, on-device intelligence, security and transparency. All combined, it helps users have a better understanding of who and how is the data being collected and allows them to make their own choices about how that data should be used. Even the new privacy features are guided by the same key principles.

“Apple has been positioning privacy as a key differentiator for consumers interested in Apple devices and its ecosystem. The recent features and upgrades around iOS and iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, bring forth more privacy features, providing consumers with greater control over who has access to their data and what’s being done with it,” says Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CMR.

Source: Business Today

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