With the continuing popularity of mobile gaming through the likes of the PUBG and Fortnite, smartphone companies have taken to manufacturing dedicated gaming smartphones for the market. Growing trends to smartphone gaming have thus escalated the number of gaming phones units shipped in total with gaming smartphones projected to reach 1.8 percent in India.

While CMR estimates a 4.7 percent rise in gaming smartphones shipments, the Indian market will welcome close to double the units by the next year. With such growth, we can expect as much as 5 percent of total smartphone shipments to include gaming smartphones by 2020.

CMR’s Industry Intelligence Group Head, Prabhu Ram said “While a majority of the smartphones in the market support mobile gaming, the rise of graphically intensive games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile is making smartphone manufacturers take note and cater to the demand. The new breed of smartphone gaming devices will mainly garner attention from gaming

enthusiasts. Serious gamers, who traditionally prefer gaming PCs, will find the features like high refresh rate contributing to a better experience, as a good incentive to play on the go”.

Source: The Mobile Indian

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