The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is an exciting device that has grown on the back of a series of iterations, which make it the go-to device for an always-on work environment. Having used the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, I feel it is a powerful device that is a boon for creative professionals and those on the go.

The Note 10 Plus is a bold bet from Samsung, that benefits from many refinements and iterations, that make the device more powerful, more agile, packing more screen estate, and yet, remains much slimmer than ever before. Think Snapdragon 855, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage, among others. The battery is bigger, and the screen is brighter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

S Pen

The S Pen is the highlight of the Note 10 Plus, that comes with some new tricks — including Air gestures. Imagine being able to scribble on the screen without unlocking the device, which would be useful while on the go. The fact that the Note 10 Plus comes with handwriting recognition, is a brilliant feature for converting handwritten notes into text.

S Pen

Coming to the Air gestures, that uses the S Pen’s new gyroscope. Imaging being able to use the S Pan as a magic wand to control apps, activating camera shutter, among other things.

The AR Doodle feature is another cool feature that would appeal to the social media generation.


The Samsung Note 10 Plus comes with a rich 6.8-inch high-resolution display on the front. The front-facing camera is centered with a tiny cut-out. All this translates into a rich and large screen estate with nothing to distract, other than a beautiful display.

Given that the smartphone is the primary device of today, and one where we store all our documents and all our memories – whether it be photos or videos, the device needs to be powerful. The Note 10 plus comes with 12GB of memory, that packs much powers and will last long.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes with four rear cameras: 12MP main lens with optical image stabilization, 12MP telephoto lens with optical image stabilization, a 16MP ultra-wide lens, and a Time of Flight (ToF) lens for AR and 3D scanning. On the front, there’s a single 10MP front-facing camera for selfies.


The 4300 mAh battery on the Note 10 Plus ensures that while one is on the go, one need not fear for battery drain. The battery lasts for a day and some more.

Beyond all these, the device is water resistant, comes with wireless charging, and is capable of wirelessly charging other Qi-enabled devices.

Samsung Galaxy Fold


For those working on the go, and for those viewing or creating content, this has to be the go-to device. And yet, all said, this is a plus-sized device that would need some getting used to, and to fit into the pocket.

All said, the Note 10 Plus is an elegant, powerful and meaningful value proposition.  True that, there are other similar powerful phones. And, it all boils down to the S Pen, and its features.

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