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Will the future be audio centric?

As a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic swept across the globe, it heralded a period of accelerated transformational change everywhere. Amidst all the uncertainty and ambiguity, in an everything-from-home context with ever-increasing blurry lines between work, learn and unwind, audio has found its moment. It is not all about listening to music only. Across my tech savvy social …


Why Twitter must have an ”edit” button, not copycat Fleets

Twitter is currently testing disappearing tweets feature FleetsĀ in India and to be honest, the original Snapchat tool (called Stories) that has been copied by both Facebook (Stories) and WhatsApp (Status) may disturb the fabric of the micro-blogging platform. Twitter should not lose its distinct flavour as a fantastic roll-down platform, simple yet effective tool for …