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Dell CIO Open Mic 'Future of Work'

How Infogain implemented a Zero Trust Network to attain Cybersecurity resilience in new normal?

The evolving workplace in the new normal is predominantly hybrid environment: strong end-user devices, fast, stable broadband., collaborative tools, all underpinned by a layer of security. While this trend towards remote and anytime, anywhere work contributes to strong efficiency gains for the enterprise, it has also contributed to weakening endpoints from a security perspective —from …

Dell CIO Open Mic 'Future of Work'

How Toyota Financial Services leveraged its ‘Digital Workplace’ platform to tide over the pandemic?

Through the course of the pandemic, enterprises, leaders, and most importantly, employees learnt to adapt, innovate, connect, collaborate in an everything-from-home context. In the new normal, we are witnessing a shift from a temporary to a transformative future of work. Much before the pandemic, the digital transformation was sweeping through the workplace, changing the way …