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Qualcomm AI Stack

The new unified, comprehensive Qualcomm AI Stack for the Connected Intelligent Edge

Qualcomm’s new AI Stack enables OEMs and developers to utilize a unified, comprehensive AI software capabilities. By doing so, OEMs and developers can now develop and leverage the full AI potential of Qualcomm’s Connected Intelligent Edge products, including, smartphones, IoT, automotive, XR, Cloud and Mobile PC. At Qualcomm, AI is being strategically viewed as a …


Why did Ola Electric acquire AppScooter-maker, Etergo?

Ola Electric, the EV subsidiary of ride-hailing giant Ola, has acquired Amsterdam-based EV start-up, Etergo, more famously known as “the Tesla of the scooter world”. This is a significant acquisition that gives major impetus to Ola’s moves into the two-wheeler segment, providing it with the intellectual property, design as well as engineering capabilities of Etergo, …