As a pioneer in foldable technology, it is impressive how far Samsung has come. In its quest to re-envision the future of mobile, it has debuted as many as three new foldable phones – all in under a year. From the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold last year, to the impressive Galaxy Z Flip in early 2020, and the new Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung has been on a roll. The brand has been taking user feedback and all other critique to push the envelope in each of those foldable phones. With its Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Samsung has debuted a foldable phone that is one of the best foldable phone available in market.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

While other brands are still far from considering the foldable form factor, and only some are mulling and exploring the foldable form factor, Samsung has avoided getting lackadaisical, and undeterred by the lack of competition, has forged ahead in refining the overall user experience. Having used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, I have been blown away by the exponential improvements in user experience and design language. It is unlike the incremental innovations that the smartphone market has been long beset with.

Design Aesthetics

With the Galaxy Z Fold2, it’s the strong and confident build quality that shines through. Taking the learnings from the earlier iterations, Samsung has completely re-engineered the hinge. The Fold2 unfolds smoothly and securely.

It is true that the Fold2 is chunky, and not meant for use with one hand. When unfolded, the device is relatively slim. When folded, its heavy – like two phones kept together. That said, it is true that Samsung has taken giant strides in its foldable innovation foray and will be better placed to refine this form factor in forthcoming iterations.

In what truly separates it from its previous generation, is the significant upgrade in external display. The outer display now benefits from increased screen real estate at 6.2”, from the earlier 4.6” in the original Fold. When it comes to usage, the large screen size is nifty for calling, glancing at emails or messages, or, to do video calling.

In comparison to the 7.3” in the previous gen, the main AMOLED display is now 7.6”, and supports 120Hz display refresh rate. What this translates into is a great immersive experience while especially, consuming entertainment. The generous screen real estate uplifts the overall user experience. In addition, when it comes to reading and replying to emails, viewing photographs, reviewing documents, this main screen is a boon. Multi-tasking is a breeze, with the main display enabling use of three different apps at once.

With features such as Flex Mode, Multi-Active Window and App Continuity, the Z Fold2 is a really strong multi-tasking engine that allows one to perform a range of tasks with ease, and without interruption in the work flows. App continuity is smooth and intuitive, enabling one to effortlessly move from cover display to the main screen, and vice-versa.

The hinge is significantly improved, and the overall experience of opening and closing the Fold is smooth and easy.

Use Cases and Overall Performance

The Fold2 with its square aspect ratio has a large screen estate that works wonders when it comes to consuming content, playing games, or reading ebooks, and replying at length to emails that just cannot wait.

What’s more is that one can perform split-view multitasking at ease. The display on the front is nifty to read notifications, answer calls, or even writing brief emails. It maybe a bit messy when writing in portrait mode on the small keyboard, but switching to landscape, would make it much easier to write and read.

Fold2 5G


When it comes to performance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ delivers with flagship quality performance. There is ample storage and lot of RAM. Whether it be playing games or using apps, the ease of use shines through, with effortless loading, thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate display. As we move forward, we can anticipate more advancements in the foldable display, which would help in making the overall touchscreen more responsive.

Camera System

 The cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold2 are flagship-grade. There are three 12MP cameras on its back. The telephoto supports 2x zoom and it has two 10MP selfie shooters.

It’s an absolute joy to shoot photos or videos on the Fold2. The large screen is a joy to behold, and is great to frame the field of view correctly.





One can also take selfies with the rear cameras using the dedicated button. While it took time to get used to, its really good. Similarly, the flex mode is nifty for taking photos on the go.


Battery life on the Fold2 is a breeze and lasts a whole day. In fact, the Fold2 can handle six to seven hours of intense usage. Battery life is almost comparable to other flagship devices out there.

Samsung can look at refining the battery hardware in the upcoming generations of the Fold, and possibly include a beefy battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh.

In Conclusion

As a pioneer in foldable phones, Samsung has delivered wholesomely with the new Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. The much needed refinements over the previous generation, including the overall design, sturdy hinge, responsive display, and larger front display, work wonders. The Fold2 is a complete package. It’s a productivity powerhouse, and delivers on content creation and consumption.

This phone is only meant for early tech adopters, and those who believe that their device is a lifestyle statement. Hence, I will refrain from commenting on pricing. That said, am confident that Samsung is on track to drive substantial improvements in forthcoming generations to build a good niche for foldable devices, and make it more attractive to the larger consumer market.

The foldable future is truly here to stay, and will be the go-to device for early technology adopters and technology enthusiasts.

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