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Apple Special Event

Apple Special Event: Apple is a Services Company

Apple’s play across services software and hardware is refreshing. From the announcements at the Apple Special Event, there is a clear shift in Apple’s positioning. Apple has flipped the entire value proposition: Apple *now* offers an exciting ecosystem, and the devices are mere conduits to access them. This is different from the earlier stance of …


Why Indian Game Developers Prefer iOS Over Android for Premium Content?

In March this year, Apple revealed that the App Store hosts over 300,000 free and paid iOS games worldwide. The Cupertino giant has steadily made the App Store an attractive destination for not only the makers of renowned titles such as Clash of Clans and PUBG Mobile but also a large number of indie game …


Qualcomm 215 Mobile Platform for Entry-level Smartphones

India represents one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets, with the smartphone market growing by around 10% in 2018. A confluence of factors, driven by a growing aspirational class getting more connected, via increased availability, accessibility and affordability of devices and data have contributed to this market growth. The smart feature phones and, more …


The New Snapdragon 730, 730G and 665 Platforms from Qualcomm

Every minute, consumers post 2,083,333 snaps on Snapchat. And, each minute, there are 49,380 posts on Instagram. Photos and Videos are more important than ever before as tools for memories, made possible by nifty mobile phones. In fact, the mobile phone has become the singular tool for consumers, replacing cameras and other devices. As technology …