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Reno4 Pro

Oppo Reno4 Pro: For the ‘Always On’ consumer

When we look at the affordable premium smartphone segment in India, there is more hyper-competition than before. Many new aspirant brands are challenging the triumvirate of incumbents – Apple, Samsung and OnePlus. With the increased competition, what is noticeable is also an increased commoditization of smartphone features. Across the board, smartphones are increasingly getting refined, …


OnePlus Nord: An Imperfect Perfection

Since its inception, OnePlus has established a reputation of delighting its customers with flagship smartphones packed with the latest specs at a ridiculously unbelievable pricing. For today’s millennials that are dominant technology users, the OnePlus has a very native appeal with its clean build, and swift performance. Over the past five years, OnePlus has moved …


Vivo X50 Pro: Raising the bar for Smartphone Photography

As the primary go-to device, the smartphone plays a key role in consumer lives, when it comes to capturing life’s most important memories. Our memories reside in the many photos that we capture daily to document our lives. For smartphone OEMs, the smartphone camera is a key battleground for innovation. While successive iterative innovations have …


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: A Purposeful Foldable

The question about “what comes next” is something that has propelled innovators, thinkers, and the dreamers forward. In an industry that has thrived on iterative innovations, Samsung introduced its bold engineering marvel, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The era of iterative innovations is beyond us. In a hyper-competitive market, demanding consumers are more keen on …


OPPO Find X2 Pro: A polished, purposeful flagship

With its singular focus on innovation and generating new intellectual property, ‘smartphone experimentation’ instead of ‘iterative innovation’ has been high on OPPO’s agenda. Whether it be the mechanized pop-up camera or the all-screen design of OPPO Find X. When the original Find X debuted, it showcased finesse with its full-screen display. The elevating camera mechanism …

Samsung Note10 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review: Buy it for the Magic of the S Pen!

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is part of Samsung’s new differentiated product offering strategy that makes available smartphones at various price points, ranging from the uber-premium foldable smartphones, to the premium flagship smartphones and their ‘Lite’ counterpoints. The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is an aggressive move by Samsung to bring all of the …


Galaxy Fold Review: A Compelling Value Proposition

Conventional thinking never results in pathbreaking innovation. And, looking at tomorrow’s ideas through today’s lens will always open up new innovations for ridicule and rejection.  Samsung gets full credits for being bold and brave in envisaging a new form factor and making it a reality. The Galaxy Fold is an exciting, pathbreaking and successful innovation, …