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In Conversation: Nico Fischbach, Forcepoint

Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach is the Global Chief Technology Officer at Forcepoint. Nico is leading Forcepoint’s cloud-first transformation as the CTO for the company’s cloud security business, where he oversees technical direction and innovation. Before joining Forcepoint, he spent 17 years at Colt, a global B2B service provider, and was responsible for company-wide strategy, architecture and …

Oni Chakravartti, Forcepoint

In Conversation: Oni Chakravartti, Forcepoint

Oni Chakravartti is the Vice President- Global Channel Sales at Forcepoint. He has over 20+ years of global and Multi-regional Channel Sales, product management, marketing, operations/ business management results in the intensely competitive computer systems industry.  On the sidelines of the Forcepoint APAC Media Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Oni shared his perspectives on channels, and …