China-based behemoth the BBK group that owns brands like OnePlusVivoOppo, Realme , and  iQOO always had a clear market strategy and brand positioning in the fixed price segments for the India smartphone market.

Not anymore.

For the full calendar year 2019, the BBK Group dominated the Indian smartphone landscape with 37 per cent share, compared to 28 per cent of Xiaomi.

The market segmentation was crystal clear till then: OnePlus will fight the rivals in the premium space, Vivo and Oppo will take care of the mid-price segment and Realme would be the go-to-device in the affordable and low-price segment.

BBK Group

In 2020, the pre-defined territories are blurred and industry analysts see a clear deviation from the earlier India market strategy from the BBK Group.

According to Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CyberMedia Research (CMR), in their initial, incremental market growth phase, the BBK Group-led brands focused on a clever market segmentation strategy, focused on building their own niche in specific price bands.

For the Indian consumers, these brands offered the best value, in terms of specs, design and overall experience.

“What we are witnessing now is an exponential growth phase, where these brands are focused on turbo-charging their growth. Through new device offerings in new price segments, these smartphone brands are seeking to leverage their brand resilience in the India market,” Ram told IANS.

Source: Economic Times

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