When mobile phone manufacturing picks up an accelerated momentum in India, impactful R&D cannot be left lagging behind. Slowly and silently, India is emerging as a research hub for mobile phones in India.

The move is a natural evolution of how the world sees India as a business destination, especially in telecommunication, hardware and manufacturing. Multinationals are realising that the potential of India to grow into a global R&D centre is enormous. With the proliferation of mobile manufacturing with almost every mobile phone manufacturer drawing up ambitious plans for local manufacturing, a greater focus on R&D to create differentiating features is but a logical corollary.

Industry watchers say the evolution to R&D stage is an extension of these firms’ already expanding local manufacturing capability. “It showcases their commitment to India as a growth market and their continued intent on investing in, developing and leveraging made-in-India innovations”, says Prabhu Ram, head of industry intelligence group (IIG) at CyberMedia Research.

Also driving the trend is India’s two-decade-old advantage in cost of employment as well as the large talent-pool availability. The move will benefit the economy by opening up employment opportunities for the Indian youth. OnePlus has already started hiring from IIT Delhi & Mumbai.

“These centres would act as the fulcrum to tap Indian R&D talent, as well as Indian ingenuity in coming up with new innovations,” CyberMedia Research’s Ram added.


Source: EETimes

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