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5G a key smartphone purchase decision for buyers

The lack of a clear roadmap for the launch of 5G services has not deterred Indian buyers from buying 5G enabled smartphones. In fact, 5G-readiness is one of the top three premium smartphone (above ₹25,000) purchase factors for consumers in India, says a new study by CyberMedia Research (CMR), a market research firm. Around 83% of the India …


On 25 Years of Samsung in India

The 1990s were seminal for India. India broke its shackles and moved ahead with liberalization. Overnight, India transformed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Consumers became more aware, more aspirational, and demanded quality and value. Encouraged by the Government’s liberal policy regime, players, such as Samsung came into India. Samsung recently completed 25 …

Audio Quality

Better audio quality key for smartphone users

So, how important is audio quality for Indian smartphone users? A recent consumer insights study by market research firm Cyber Media Research (CMR) in association with Dolby threw up some interesting insights on how a superior audio experience like Dolby Atmos has become pivotal for users in selecting a new device or even the content they consume …


Consumers Are Prioritising Audio Quality Over Camera In Their Smartphone Purchase

As per a new study by CyberMedia Research (CMR), Indian Consumers are now prioritising audio quality as a key smartphone purchase driver ahead of camera and battery. In fact, across all parameters, one in every four users have stated audio quality as the most important factor while selecting their smartphone. For the first time ever, …

Google Jio

Jio and Google will make a fresh attempt at India’s smartphone market

Of Rs 75,000 crore of the India Digitisation Fund that Google plans to invest in India in the next five to seven years, Rs 33,737 crore will be invested in Jio Platforms. The transaction, subject to regulatory and other applicable customary approvals, will be aimed at tapping the affordable smartphone market yet again.   The two …


Vivo X50 Pro: Raising the bar for Smartphone Photography

As the primary go-to device, the smartphone plays a key role in consumer lives, when it comes to capturing life’s most important memories. Our memories reside in the many photos that we capture daily to document our lives. For smartphone OEMs, the smartphone camera is a key battleground for innovation. While successive iterative innovations have …


India’s smartphone market offering new opportunities to various companies

As consumer sentiment runs high amid growing chorus for boycotting Chinese goods in the country, the fluid situation in India’s smartphone market offers new opportunities for various smartphone makers, especially the non-Chinese ones like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Asus and others, to realign their strategies and regain the lost market share in the face of fierce …


Why Twitter must have an ”edit” button, not copycat Fleets

Twitter is currently testing disappearing tweets feature Fleets in India and to be honest, the original Snapchat tool (called Stories) that has been copied by both Facebook (Stories) and WhatsApp (Status) may disturb the fabric of the micro-blogging platform. Twitter should not lose its distinct flavour as a fantastic roll-down platform, simple yet effective tool for …