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Apple Q4 2019 Earnings Call: Apple Revenues Soar in India

Apple on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, reported its Q4 2019 earnings that beat analyst expectations, and continued to show that it is on the right path with its pivot to services, overshadowing iPhones that were down 9% year-over-year. For Q4 2019, Apple had forecasted revenue between $61-$64Bn, and in actual, achieved revenue of $64Bn and …

Apple Special Event

Apple Special Event: Apple is a Services Company

Apple’s play across services software and hardware is refreshing. From the announcements at the Apple Special Event, there is a clear shift in Apple’s positioning. Apple has flipped the entire value proposition: Apple *now* offers an exciting ecosystem, and the devices are mere conduits to access them. This is different from the earlier stance of …


The Apple Conundrum: From ‘Moonshots’ to ‘Me-Too’?

As a company that has been globally recognized for its excellence in innovation and product engineering, Apple has had a gold run with its trailblazing iPhones, and other category defining products. Think iPad, Apple Watch or the Macs. Each successive generation of iPhones has helped Apple grow, on the back of increasing consumer appetite. The …


‘Subscribe Now’: Apple’s Mantra for Going Beyond iPhones

At its March 25 “Show Time” event, held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Apple showcased its new bet on digital subscriptions as a potential revenue driver across TV, Gaming, Finance, and News. The Apple announcements can, for the most parts, be termed incremental in nature, with Apple building and refining on the existing …