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Dell OpenMic 'Future of Work'
Dell CIO Open Mic 'Future of Work'

How Anthem Biosciences pioneered the Digital twin in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

We are reaching an inflection point. Manufacturing is increasingly getting digital. With the new ‘digital twin’, it is now possible to have complete control on complex manufacturing processes remotely. As a result, organizations are better placed to detect physical issues on the factory floor, predict outcomes more accurately, and plan better production outcomes. Pharmaceutical manufacturing …

Dell CIO Open Mic 'Future of Work'

How Toyota Financial Services leveraged its ‘Digital Workplace’ platform to tide over the pandemic?

Through the course of the pandemic, enterprises, leaders, and most importantly, employees learnt to adapt, innovate, connect, collaborate in an everything-from-home context. In the new normal, we are witnessing a shift from a temporary to a transformative future of work. Much before the pandemic, the digital transformation was sweeping through the workplace, changing the way …


To defeat COVID-19, enterprises must think like John Boyd

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented test of individual and business resilience, unparalleled in scale. More than 185 countries have reported cases of COVID-19. As on April 10, 2020, almost 1,602,885 COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide with a death toll of over 95,745. Over 355,514 have recovered. Whether it be early community, or …