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Unpacking the cyber risks in Metaverse

As of today, all the individual elements that constitute metaverse are in place. Take, for instance, extended reality (XR) or automated systems. As we move forward, all these isolated experiences will combine into one seamless, interoperable and interchangeable experience over the metaverse, with the digital permeating the physical world experiences. That said, we will see …


Diving into the ‘Metaverse’

Over the past many months, metaverse has captured the zeitgeist. It is increasingly finding mentions from top CxOs as well as on investor calls. Wherever one looks, it is tough to escape a conversation that involves the metaverse.  There is some hype, and a whole lot of speculation around what Metaverse entails. At its most …


Budget 2019 should provide policy thrust for AI, Blockchain: CMR

The Union Budget of 2019 should look at providing a policy thrust for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, among many others, CyberMedia Research said in a note on Wednesday. This move will result in new business opportunities across the spectrum, and fostering India’s leadership therein, according to CMR. “The Budget should …