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iPhone SE

5G smartphone sales up despite unavailability of networks

Indian consumers are increasingly adopting 5G smartphones even before rollout of the next-gen mobile broadband technology in the country. Research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), has estimated the share of 5G-enabled phones, out of total smartphone sales, will touch 20-25% this year. As Chinese smartphone brands, Oppo and Realme aggressively push their 5G portfolio in …


Nokia 2.4: A targeted-niche value proposition

With the Nokia 2.4, Nokia has a compelling offering in the highly competitive value for money smartphone segment. Amidst offerings from realme, Redmi and POCO that pack the best specs in this segment, the new Nokia 2.4 leans on Nokia’s brand vision of delivering solid craftsmanship, performance and stock Android, meaning, its bereft of bloatware …

Smartphone Battery

Size does matter for long-lasting battery experience

Smartphone users in India are scouting for devices which give them more juice throughout the day as they stream Netflix, play PUBG, post pictures on Instagram or short videos on TikTok. Whether it be more mAh, or new technologies, such as fast charging or wireless charging, the smartphone battery is going a phase of innovation. …


OPPO R17 Pro: The Innovation Powerhouse marvels again!

In a hyper-competitive smartphone market, where smartphone brands are increasingly homogenous in specs and features, the fight for vaning consumer interest has taken the form of multiple launches by smartphone brands in a year. Most of such products fizzle out within a few weeks, or even days, of the launch. In such a milieu, OPPO …