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Why is Amazon acquiring MGM for US$ 8.45Bn?

Amazon has acquired MGM for USD 8.45Bn is one of its biggest since the Whole Foods acquisition for USD 14Bn in 2017. Amazon has been building-up its content library around its Prime service, a move that makes sense in the subscription economy. So, why is Amazon interested in MGM? How will the deal help Amazon …


India might be the last frontier for Netflix in the global streaming war

Global streaming giants – Netflix India, Amazon Prime, and Disney, which owns Hotstar, among others – all have their eyes set on India’s soon-to-be US$5 billion video-on-demand (VOD) market. So, it’s not surprising when Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, on his three-day visit to India on Thursday, said Amazon will double down on its …


Netflix vs Others: The Quest for Dominating Indian Eyeballs

As a mobile-first nation, the India OTT market provides enough head room for growth. American as well as Chinese streaming players are looking to strike it big in India. While Netflix continues to invest heavily in Made-in-India for India programming, it is under pressure from the likes of Hotstar and others. So, how would the …