With the economic slowdown starting to show its impact, several industries in India are feeling the strain. This brings us to the key question, will Indian consumers put off buying smartphones, therefore hitting the market altogether?

It’s interesting to see differing opinions, but with the festive period closing in, most brands are optimistic of continuing the trend of growth in the mobile phone market.

Smartphone Spending

Xiaomi, the leading brand in the country, has been vocal about how the market is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, Xiaomi expects the industry to grow further in the coming months before end of 2019.

Other brands in the segment like Vivo, Samsung and Oppo could also throw their hats in the ring with new product announcements.

Prabhu Ram, Head Analyst with Cybermedia Research (CMR) also concurs with Raghu, again pointing out that the upcoming festive season could be the stimulating factor for demand.

“On the back of new buyers, as well as those seeking upgrades, essentially the new breed of aspirational Indians, CMR anticipates the smartphone market to be immune from potentially any economic slowdown, and in fact, grow,” said Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR.

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