The comments were made by Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CyberMedia Research (CMR) following the announcement by the social networking behemoth.


Huawei is currently embroiled in a bitter trade dispute with the United States, and has been banned from the US market.

In addition to this, the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump also prohibits any American-based companies from buying or selling equipment or components from Huawei.

However, news that Facebook has become the latest major tech player to comply with the sanctions of the executive order issued by the Trump administration, has been downplayed by tech experts.

The move by Facebook will ensure that all of its apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, will not come preinstalled on future Huawei smartphone devices.

Ram is adamant that unlike other decisions taken by US tech leaders, the Facebook decision will not hurt Huawei at all.

Ram said, “Unlike Google, Facebook has taken a different approach to the US export ban. Facebook is suspending app preinstalls on Huawei smartphones out of the box. Unlike prior decisions by others, the Facebook decision does not have serious, or worrying implications, either for Huawei or its consumers. Consumers can still install apps via the Google Play Store.”

“Assuming that US and China are able to accomplish a level-playing field and trade understanding, including on Huawei, before the 90-day reprieve expires later this year, Huawei’s future will be bright. But if there is no US-China deal, it would mean that Huawei would have to continue full steam ahead on life beyond US tech,” Ram noted.

Source: Tahawultech

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