It is almost suicidal for a smartphone company to tell users to take a break from their phones and that’s what Vivo India has done in its latest advertisement. Playing on the value of family bonding, the Chinese smartphone maker, which has focused on cutting edge features in its advertising so far, has now tweaked its message to promote responsible usage of smartphones.

Created by advertising agency Dentsu, the digital campaign features actor Aamir Khan as a father who is constantly on his smartphone even while sitting for breakfast with family. Visibly disturbed by lack of his father’s attention, the young son in the spot makes a New Year wish to get a smartphone. Surprised Khan tells him that he’s too young to get a phone to which he says that he wants his father’s phone which he will switch off and keep away. The underlying message being ‘Your loved ones wish for your time, Vivo encourages you to choose your switch off time’.

Smartphones and family time

The campaign is a culmination of a study that Vivo carried out in association with Cybermedia Research (CMR) conducted across top eight cities in India. The report covers 2, 000 people across demographics with age groups between 18 and 45 years.

Titled ‘Smartphone and their impact on human relationships’ the findings highlight that an average Indian spends over 1,800 hours a year on their smartphone.

“While the explosive surge in smartphones in India has enabled Indians with not just communicating with loved ones, but with myriad other use cases including in consuming entertainment and in expressing themselves, our survey results demonstrate that the dependency on smartphones has increased. While smartphone will continue to be the primary go-to device, smartphone users have realized that periodically switching-off would help benefit their personal health,” said Prabhu Ram, head-industry intelligence group, CMR.

Source: LiveMint

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